vendredi 17 février 2017

Bon Appétit World !

Nouvel album des Aventures de Zach et Zoey en collaboration avec Aaron Sigmond et Liliana Guia.

Les jumeaux entament un nouveau périple pour découvrir, cette fois, les cuisines du monde. On retrouve les recettes des plats dégustés dans les divers pays visités à la fin du livre.

New Adventures of Zach & Zoey !

The three books custom slipcases featuring the new story of Zach and Zoey landed in our mailbox today !

In book three : "Bon Appétit World !", the twins, Zach & Zoey (with Pilot the dog), are embarking on a new trip to taste different dishes around the world, featuring recipes by Chef Kate at the end of the book.

Words : Aaron Sigmond - Graphic design : Liliana Guia - pictures : Patrick Regout

BOOBS ART Exhibition in Brussels

This illustration will be part of an upcoming collective exhibition about the female breasts in the spring 2017.

The show, called "Boobs Art" is run by the "Maison de l'Image", a non profit organization managed by illustrators, to promote graphic Arts. 

The exhibition will display contributions from the best Belgian illustrators. However, many guests from abroad have also been invited to take part by sending a digital image on "boobs" (humor/visual poetry/graphic design).

This show will also include historical paintings as well as a large selection of outstanding "breast cancer awareness" campaigns.

Indeed, different breast cancer associations will be involved in the event.